Friday, June 8, 2007

Toothbrush Fetish

I told you Arden loves her toothbrush. She also loves everyone else's. Heaven forbid you should brush your teeth in front of her and not give her a turn. And if you're crazy enough to try and wrestle her toothbrush away from her so you can take her 11 month picture, well, you better be prepared for a fight.
I'm outta here. And I'm taking the toothbrush with me.

I shouldn't be too surprised at her devotion to the toothbrush, after all, her big sister has fixations with both toothpaste and bandaids. Luckily, she doesn't carry the toothpaste around all day, although at any given moment she does have several bandaids on...

1 comment:

Cortney said...

Sweet girl! Arden is going to have awesome oral hygiene;the dentist is going to love her! I hope you guys have a great weekend!