Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There Are No Stupid Questions

Top Ten Things Strangers Have Asked or Said About Amelia's Glasses(and the responses I would like to give)

10. Are those real glasses?
No--I just like putting Mr. Potato Head glasses on my baby.

9. Is she wearing glasses?
No. You must be seeing things.

8. How did you know she needed them?
This is actually a legitimate question, and one that I totally don't mind answering. So no sarcastic response is necessary.

7. Does she wear those to help her see?
No....I just think they make her look smarter.

6. Does she keep them on?
Again. Completely legitimate question, thus no internal eye-rolling on this one.

5. Marge! Get over here! You gotta check out this baby with glasses.
Yeah.... This is for real. I wish I were making this up, but we were approached by an older gentleman in Branson who got such a kick out of Amelia's glasses that he called over his wife to share in the fun.

4. Those are REAL glasses? SER-iously? They're REAL? How can they even TELL how strong the glasses need to be on a BABY?
I sense your skepticism, teenage girl, but I'm guessing you're not an EYE DOCTOR. My daughter's EYE DOCTOR is pretty adept at this sort of thing, what with all his MEDICAL TRAINING and EXPERIENCE.

3. Where did you get those precious glasses??
Are you familiar with Forever 21?

2. DUDE! Nice Shades!
Um...technically they aren't shades, pizza guy. But I like your enthusiasm.

And the number one question I get asked about Amelia's glasses...

1. Are those REAL glasses????
They're real. And they're SPECTACULAR.