Friday, June 22, 2007

Consider Yourself Warned

One of Claire's favorite outdoor activities is driving her Barbie Jeep. She takes it very seriously, making sure her seat belt is buckled (SO WE CAN BE SAFE!), and, of course, that the radio is tuned to her favorite song. Her jeep does have an actual radio but she prefers listening to the Barbie Beach Songs on the "CD player." I promise you, hearing Barbie sing "Let's go to the beach and have a rockin' time!" over and over is almost enough to make me wish for an MRI complete with the face-cage, jackhammer and "My humps" going through my head.

But Claire loves to hear Barbie sing, at full volume, as she completes circle after circle in the driveway. I've tried to get her to actually drive the Jeep, in something other than a circle, but why steer when you can turn the wheel all the way to the left and just go in circles for half an hour? If the astronaut or waitressing gigs don't work out, I think she may be a good NASCAR driver someday.

Until recently, Arden has sat in her own little pushcar and watched Claire make her circles. But now that she's a big one year old, she isn't content to sit back and watch. She wants in on the action. She yesterday, I buckled her in so she could ride around with Claire.

As I watched Claire taking Arden for a joyride around the driveway, it occurred to me that in less than 13 years, she'll be driving for real. Consider yourself warned.

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