Monday, June 25, 2007

Sign of the Times

Signs that Arden may not be as laid-back as I originally thought:

1. She hates her car seat and throws a fit every time I strap her in. I wouldn't really think this was a big deal except that, most of the time, she screams for the entire car ride. Like the entire way to Little Rock, for instance.

2. Diaper changing is now dubbed the "Diaper Rodeo" in our house. If you can keep Arden on the changing table for eight seconds, you deserve a much bigger award than a really huge belt buckle.

3. If you put Arden in her high chair and don't have food immediately available, you will hear about it. Loudly.

4. She refuses to be comforted, unless it's on her terms. If she's crying and you try to give her a paci, she will either swat at your hand or take the paci and then throw it down. This is completely opposite of Claire, who would take a paci anytime, anywhere.

5. She doesn't like the person holding her to sit down. She's all about being carried around, but don't even think about sitting down. If you do, she does what I call the "twist and roll," where she twists her body around and then basically rolls out of your lap. It's nearly impossible to keep hold of her when she does this, so I have to give her credit for such a clever maneuver.

Toddlerhood should be quite an adventure...

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