Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Triathlon Wife

This weekend, Jason and I went to Memphis for a triathlon. We left the girls with their grandparents--Arden went to my mom's and Claire went to Jason's mom's (we have a divide and conquer approach to watching the girls).
We usually don't tell Claire she's spending the night somewhere until about thirty minutes before she goes, otherwise she'll be asking about it all day. When the time does come, she can't wait to go, and literally runs out the door yelling "Bye, Mom!" over her shoulder, as some kind of afterthought. Arden started waving bye-bye before we even got out of the car at my mom's.
It's great that both of my girls love their grandparents and don't mind being away from us, but seriously, a little emotion would be OK.
We had a great weekend, but apparently, not as great as Claire. She usually goes through some withdrawal when she gets back from a night away, and this time was no different. The meltdown that ensued Sunday night was probably one of her best performances. There was lots of crying, a few "I don't want to go homes," a couple of arched backs, and an "I'm not taking off my band-aids". On the upside, her "detox" only lasted that night, instead of the usual two to three days.
As for Jason and I, we had a great time getting away. We managed to go to dinner, hang out at Barnes and Noble and see a movie--all pre-baby date staples. The triathlon was fun and Jason did well and pretty much met his time goal. I camped out in a lawn chair, read a new book (19 Minutes by Jodi Piccoult--highly recommend this one), and did some people watching.

Based on the people watching, I have a few observations I want to share.
First, there were lots of women competing in this race. You would think anyone who can swim over a mile, ride 26 miles on a bike, then run 6.2 miles would be in top-body shape, right? Well, you would be wrong. I think this must be one of the cruelest ironies of life...
Second, when the National Anthem was sung, not everyone stood up and only a handful of people put their hand over their heart. Am I the only one who still does this? Regardless of what you think of the current administration, or the ones preceding it, we're all still Americans. It's our common denominator (in addition to pooping--thanks, Oprah, for that gem). If we can't take the time to pause and remember that, what does it say about us?
Third, Memphis is the home to Graceland, Elvis' home and final resting place. With all the Elvis impersonators out there, don't you think that Memphis would have some pretty good ones? Well, you would be wrong again. There were better Elvises (Elvi?) running in the Las Vegas marathon. Come on, Memphis, represent!

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