Thursday, May 10, 2007

Future Mother of the Year

The other day, I found Claire in her room playing with her baby dolls. This was unusual because in the past she has not had an interest in dolls at all. Maybe this is because all her friends are boys and they play things like Spiderman and Superman and Batman.

She has several different dolls and they have interchangeable names. Sometimes her baby's name is Lola (Ian's baby sister), or Emma (baby from church), or Ella (girl from her old school). My personal favorite, however, is "Mercybetoyou." Mercy. Be. To. You. I have no idea what that name means, where it came from, or even if that's what she's trying to say. But I think it's hysterical. And creative. And probably a little weird.

Claire is a good little mommy to Mercybetoyou.

She reads to her.

She feeds her in Arden's high chair.

She straps her carefully in the carseat.

She has even been known to nurse her in public. I take pride in knowing that she is modeling the loving and nurturing behaviors she sees me exhibit (except for the nursing in public part--she's way less modest than I am). I could close my eyes and imagine what a good little mommy she'll be some day.

That is, until I saw this.

For the record, this is clearly NOT a behavior she has seen me exhibit, although I'm sure there have been times that I wanted to.


Summer said...

Maybe she has some sort of insight into your soul! Yesterday I barely swatted Mia for something (at which she didn't even react) and the first thing she said to everyone at church was, "My mom spanked me today and it hurt really bad!" She loves to show me in my best light.

Rachel Evans said...

Meredith your blog cracks me up! I get so excited when I click on it and see you've updated it with a new post. Your writing is hilarious. Sean is now checking it too. :) The pictures of Claire and her baby crack me up!

Lisa said...

Well, you know you're funny when you have the men reading...first Sean, now Clay. I think you and Summer should make a career out of this writing thing. And Summer (if you read this), the other day I grabbed Ethan's arm and pulled him out of Rachel's room (she was napping) and he said, "Mommy, you hurt my arm REAL bad - that's not nice." Excellent.

Dana said...


This made me laugh out loud...and get a little teary-eyed as well. I sure do miss my girls. Please keep the entries coming. I'm enjoying every minute.

Love, Dana

ashley said...

Ok...this one takes the cake. I thought as I was reading " awhh, she is such a little darling. I know Mer just adores her." I then laughed out loud when I scrolled down to the last pic and almost peed my pants. That's my Meredith.