Monday, May 28, 2007

Fair and Balanced Blogging

I realized yesterday that I haven't blogged about Arden in a while. Actually, I saw in my post labels that Claire had six blogs written about her and Arden only had two. In the spirit of fairness, I thought I should do an Arden update.

So, here's what Arden is up to at 11 months...

1. She has developed a little bit of an attitude. If you try to take a toy away (and by this I mean pry it from her vice-like grip), she will start kicking her legs and yelling at you. Yes, yelling. I'm scared of what it will be like when she can talk.

2. She loves to eat--but only "big people" food. Her current favorites are diced pears, cheese and of course, any dessert. Also chicken legs, as pictured below.

3. She is attempting to climb things. She's still not walking, but if you put an obstacle in her path, she can climb over it.

4. Her favorite toy is a toothbrush.

5. She likes to chase the vacuum. I should mention that Claire hides when the vacuum is on, so this is a new one to me.

6. She has taken one or two steps by herself, but prefers the speed crawl to walking. She has bruises on her knees to prove it.

7. She does not like to crawl in the grass. If you want to keep Arden still for a minute, put her down in the grass. She won't move, but she will try to eat it.

8. She has a keen sense for determining if something is a baby toy. If it is, she throws it aside. Only big-girl choking hazard toys for her.

9. She says Mama, Nana (this is either for my mom or a banana), Dada and No.

10. She likes to give kisses, but beware--they're totally open-mouth.

And now for the sentence I've been waiting 11 months to write...

11. She sleeps through the night!!!!!


Cortney said...

Sweet girl! I am celebrating #11 with you! Yea, Arden!!!

ashley said...

Sweet little Arden-mini Jason...she is so precious. However, I really think she said "aunt ashley" at dinner last Friday night. In fact, I am almost you can add that to your list of words. Oh, I'm so proud!