Friday, May 11, 2007

Here's your sign...

We're expecting the delivery of Jason's new bike today (to replace the one that got smashed up when he got hit by a car). I didn't want to risk the UPS lady waking up the girls by ringing the doorbell, so I hung this sign on the door:

"Grumpy" is the kindest word I could come up with to describe Claire's behavior today. If I were being completely candid, I probably would've written "Caution! Please watch for spinning heads." I'm not even exaggerating. Well, maybe a little. But she is acting kind of demon possessed.
To be fair, I don't think she feels good. We went to the doctor last night and are waiting on results from a urine culture. Since this is the fourth time we've had to do this, we're now pretty good at it, but if you've never had the pleasure of attempting to collect a urine sample from a three year old who doesn't like public restrooms, let me explain.
First, and most importantly, you must start with a bribe. For us, it's a Diet Coke. Simple, yet so effective. Second, you must never, never, let the three year old hold the cup, no matter how much she whines. Third, tell the three year old that she can put the sample inside the special door. Explain to her that there is a grumpy old troll who lives inside who will give the sample to the nurse. If she is not a Dora the Explorer fan, that last part might freak her out a little.
We're praying that the culture comes back negative for infection. If it comes back positive, Claire will have to undergo some additional tests, one of which involves a catheter. Without sedation. On a three year old. If we get to that point, I'm thinking it's going to involve a bigger bribe than Diet Coke.

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