Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Boys Allowed

I think this must be posted somewhere in my uterus, because baby #3 is a GIRL!!!!

Three girls. That's going to take some time to sink in. But who wouldn't be excited about the thought of all those sweet sisters and a houseful of hot pink tutus and ribbons and barbie dolls?

Jason, of course, is already fretting over financing three weddings, but not to worry--we've arranged their marriages to the Bowman boys.

Claire is disappointed that she won't be getting a brother after all. She said she has enough sisters already.

And Arden is too busy wreaking havoc to care too much about the baby in my tummy.

Three girls. Sounds just about perfect to me.


Cortney said...

Ryan and I were talking about these future weddings last night, and we decided that something tropical would work out great for us. Hey...we'll even help with the bill!! Now, if only we can talk the kids into it?!?!?

We are sooooooo excited about another Bramlett girl! You are right... What could be better than all those sisters hanging out?

Lisa said...

Congratulations! I'm jealous because I desperately wanted a sister growing up and only got a stinky old brother. :) Hope you're feeling good.

Amber said...

I think Isaac would put up a fight for at least one of your girls.

I'm pumped! Tell Jason we'll buy the cakes or something - since we have a No-Girls-Allowed sign in my uterus.

Tara said...

How fun! I was excited to hear tonight at church and thought I would check here first. I love the triple wedding idea!

Becky said...

Congratulations! Alvin and I can't wait to be Mimi and Pop-in-laws to the girls!!! Ha!

Summer Lashley said...

I am secretly a little jealous. I loved having a sister and wanted Mia to have one - not bad enought to try for a third, mind you.

Michael Ann said...

Congratulations!! I had a feeling it was a girl when they couldn't figure it out the first time...seems like when that happens it's usually a girl being modest! That is awesome...more Hannah Montana to come!

Lisa Renee said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very exciting. What is her name going to be? Happy for you guys~