Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh, The Irony

So remember how last week I threw kind of a tantrum about not getting scheduled for an ultrasound? No? Well, don't read the previous post. But if you do remember, I have an update for you.

I am fortunate to have married into a family with connections--medical connections. And when they heard about the Great Ultrasound Fiasco of '08, they got riled up. And started making things happen. Now, I'm not saying we're like some kind of rural health care mafia or anything, but--badabing--the next thing you know, I'm getting an ultrasound at an undisclosed location (I just said that to make it more dramatic)this morning and the new OB clinic is calling to schedule one for next week.

So I got my way. The Big Ultrasound. The Am I Keeping All This Pink Stuff or Buying New Blue Stuff? Appointment.

Unfortunately, I did not get an answer to that question. Seems Baby #3 is a bit modest and wasn't too keen on the invasion of his/her privacy. Baby even flipped all the way around during the ultrasound, keeping his/her legs tightly closed the entire time.

The good news is that all the important things looked great and baby is healthy and growing. Just very uncooperative.


Cortney said...

Next week will be even sweeter...I can't wait!

Lisa said...

Man, I was really wanting to know. But I am glad everything looked great with the brambino. :)

bairds said...

I am so dying to know what you are having! You are right though...most important that everything looked healthy. By the way, you are totally entitled to your tantrums right now. Any woman pregnant with #3 and two more children under the age of 6 at home has got to have a breakdown every now and then. I know from experience. Ha!