Friday, July 11, 2008

Destin 2008

Alternate title: "That Time We Went to Destin and Everyone Got the Stomach Virus (or Possibly Salmonella)"

Another Destin vacation with the Bowmans has come and gone and I've found myself already counting down the months until next year's trip. Although, seriously? We'll have six kids between us by then and that's a little scary. Maybe we should just ditch the kids and go back to Iberostar. Kidding! I kid. Sort of.

It was a great week, even with the stomach situation that quickly took down the condo on Thursday/Friday and carried over onto the ride home on Saturday (good times). We hit all our favorite restaurants and added a new one to the rotation as well (note: Pompano Joe's, you are officially on probation). We hung out at Destin Commons, rode rides and go-carts at The Track, fed the alligators at Fudpucker's and got in plenty of beach and pool time.

Here are some other highlights of the week:

Claire didn't love the beach at first, but finally warmed up to it once the waves died down a little. She fancied herself to be quite the surf girl.

Arden didn't really love the ocean, preferring to have snacks under the shade of the umbrella instead.

Eating at Fisherman's Wharf--a new fave on our list.

Bowman and Bramlett kids

Fun at the Track

Claire was so excited to get a hair wrap just like one of her friend's at school got over spring break. We took her to a local souvenir shop on the our last night in Destin and obliged her. Too bad we didn't know it was going to cost $30. She loved it though and couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror.

I know it's a completely touristy thing to do, but we can't resist dressing the kids in all white and letting them run around on the beach while we snap a million photos in the hopes of getting that one perfect shot.


Becky said...

The pictures of the kiddos' are soooo cute!!! I especially love the one of Reid holding Claire's hand and Cade trying to hold Arden's! I'm so glad Ryan and Cortney have such wonderful friends like you and Jason.

Michael Ann said...

I'm so sorry you guys got sick! Yuck...but looks like you had a good time in spite of it. Those pictures really make me look forward to our trip to Destin next week! Thanks for sharing and great pictures.

Lisa said...

Glad you guys were able to get away, and I'm loving Claire's hair wrap. Would that look awkward on a 30 year old?