Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sisters, Sisters

I am currently loving watching my two girls really become sisters. The fighting, the hugging, the shrieking, the giggling, the pushing, the kissing, the biting (Arden), the hair-pulling (also Arden), the chasing, the imitating, the dancing. All of it. All of it is cementing their bond as sisters. And I love it.

I could do with a little less shrieking though.

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Michael Ann said...

gotta love it!!

I can understand what you mean, on the flip side though since it's brothers! It is an enjoyable time, and then again - there are times when all we do is referee...and we still want to have you guys over for dinner. Callahan has been sick all week with fever, but today is the first day he hasn't had any. Carson has a t-ball game tomorrow night anyway. Maybe the next weekend or so will work out. Miss ya'll!