Thursday, April 24, 2008

Conversations with Claire and Arden

Yesterday, as I was on the floor mopping up apple juice, Claire came over and kissed me on the top of my head. The following conversation ensued:
C: Mommy! Your hair is turning different colors!
Me: What? What do you mean?
C: It's so beautiful now--just like Mrs. Cortney's!

On the way to school this morning, I guess Claire was feeling theology-ish.
C: Is God in my tummy?
Me: What??
C: My tummy. Is God in there?
Me: No. I mean, God is everywhere, but I don't think he's in your tummy.
C: God is everywhere? Then why can't I see Him?
Me: Well, someday, when we're in Heaven, we'll be able to see Him.
C: In the clouds?
Me: Well, sort of.
C: I think I'll laugh when I see Him.
Me: What do you mean?
C: I think all the children will be laughing.

I think she just may be right.

Arden has really started talking a lot these days. Here is a sampling of her most often used phrases.
Tank Ooh--translation: Thank You. She is nothing if not polite. She even tells her sister thank you as she's ripping her favorite toy away from her.

I-sh too--translation: I love you, too. She only says this when she hears me say "I love you, Claire". When I say, "I love you, Arden," she answers, "Tank Ooh".

Haaaaayyy-translation: Hey! You just did something I don't like. You'll hear this if you take something away from her, make her sit in a chair, or really, just do anything that doesn't suit her fancy.

I too--translation: Me, too! Of course, she says this a million times a day and it is usually in reference to whatever Claire happens to be doing at any given moment.

I do it--translation: Leave me alone, woman! I can handle this. She actually told me this as I was changing her diaper yesterday. I was tempted to give her a go at it, but thought better of it.


Amber said...

Weird that Isaac asked me if God was in his tummy before, too.

I love that Claire said that she thought she would laugh to see God.

Great post.

Michael Ann said...

Carson was just asking me the other day why we can't see God. Claire has a great imagination...yes, we will all be very happy and laughing I think too! Kids are so perceptive! okay, seriously, we want to get together soon..Carson and Cal have been sick all week. So hopefully once all is well - we can barbeque or something, heck we'd even meet you at McDonald's just to get to chat and let the kids run wild. Miss ya'll!

Cortney said...

Hugs and kisses to Claire Bear! That made my day!