Wednesday, February 6, 2008

One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

I wish I had something really fun and happy to report. Something with rainbows and puppies and pink fuzzy hearts. What I have instead is the flu. Complete with a 102 degree fever, a massive headache and that all-over achiness that feels like someone punched me in the kidneys. Also a toddler. I have a toddler. I think that pretty much explains the title.


Michael Ann said...


I'm so sorry! Flu is going around here so bad! I hope you feel better soon and get some much needed rest. Mommy's can't get sick!

Summer Lashley said...

I am so sorry. I find myself praying daily that I don't get sick simply because I don't have time for it. Good luck, tell Jason to take some time off and take care of you.

Bonnie said...

Meredith! I'm so sorry your sick!
I have enjoyed reading your blog. It's fun to read about your adventures with two little girls! They are adorable!
(I found your blog from Tara's.)
ps I copied your book shelf for my blog!