Monday, February 18, 2008

Be Honest.

How redneck is it that we:
a)Tivo'd the finale of American Gladiators
b)Watched it last night, in its entirety
c)Know all the Gladiators names and said things like "Man, that Wolf guy is a psycho"
d)Allowed our now four year old to watch it
e)Discussed the various merits of each contender
f)Talked about the glory days of the original "American Gladiators"
g)Remember some of the original Gladiators names (Nitro, anyone?)

Yeah, I kind of thought so...


Michael Ann said...

yes, we loved the old gladiators...we were recalling some names a few weeks ago..."Ice, Blaze"...Carson loved Claire's party - it was lots of fun. Thanks again - did your shoes ever dry out??

The Wilsons said...

The Wilson house hold is red neck too because we were 5 out 6 on your list.