Monday, October 22, 2007

Power Trip

Last Thursday was Claire's turn to be the Line Leader at school. When I dropped her off and Mrs. V told her the good news, Claire turned to me and said, "Did you hear that? I'm the Line Leader!" And then she ran off to spread the good news to her subjects, I mean, classmates.
Knowing Claire as I do, I was a little worried that the power might go to her head. I mean, Line Leader is a big deal for the preschool set and Claire tends to take things to the, um, extreme.
I shouldn't have worried though. When I picked her up, Mrs. V said she'd had a great day and only reminded the class that she was the Line Leader 45 times.

Look out kids, there's a new Mussolini in town.

1 comment:

Summer Lashley said...

Only 45 times - that's nothing. I think the kids don't start hating you until the 46th time. I will have to ask Mia, she is the bossy britches of her class so she should know.