Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Completely Random Blog

Nothing in this post goes together, but I wanted to write down some of these memories before I forget them...

This weekend, Claire was really tired and asked (whined) for a cup of milk. I grabbed a sippy cup from the drawer, filled it with milk and handed it to her. She immediately began to cry. "I don't want this sippy cup!"
I told her she was being ridiculous, that I wasn't going to get another cup dirty, deal with it, etc... She kept on, her cries escalating.
Finally, I asked her why she didn't want that particular cup. Her answer? "Dora's head is gone!"
I took the cup, and upon examination, discovered that Dora was indeed headless. Too many uses and washes had rubbed her head right off.
I could see Claire's point, so she got a new cup of milk.


OK, before I get into this story, let me warn you that it does contain some potentially offensive material. If you're grossed out by "potty talk" you might want to skip this one.

For some reason, Claire thinks it's really funny to say "poo poo" and "pee pee." She doesn't do it too often, but once she starts, it just gets funnier and funnier to her. She'll say things like "pee pee TV" or "poo poo highchair." You know, really sophisticated humor.
She started in with the "potty talk" the other day and kept on, even after I asked her to stop. I finally told her if I heard anymore potty talk from her, I was taking away her bike.
That got her attention, and we resumed playing Barbies. After a few minutes, Claire started giggling and said "Pee--"
I gave her my best "if-you're-about-to-do-what-I-think-you're-about-to-do-you-may-want-to-rethink-it" look and said "What was that?"
"Peas," she said. "Mmmmmm... Peas. They're my favorite!"
What can I say? The kid can think on her feet.


When I was putting Claire down for her nap today, she asked what story I was going to read. I showed her the new Disney Princess book I had bought this morning, and a Dora book. She glanced at them and then asked, "Are they favulous?"


Claire and Arden had their first argument the other day. Claire was reading books, minding her own business, when little sister swooped in and swiped one of her books. Claire, who usually just cries until I retrieve whatever Arden has stolen from her, sprang to action. She jerked her book away from Arden and yelled, "No, ma'am!"
Arden responded immediately by pointing at Claire and yelling back "No! Nononononono!"
Can't wait until they're teenagers fighting over clothes and boys...


Rachel Evans said...

Oh, I love the "random" blog! Those stories are so cute! Claire cracked us up when she was a baby spitting milk out in church and she continues to crack us up! I'm glad to hear you didn't electrocute yourself in the house blog. You should post some pictures of the new place!

Cortney said...

Oh potty talk; why is that so funny? I have to admit I get kind of cracked up about it too. Did I just say crack? haha. Am I 4?