Monday, October 15, 2007

Christmas Trees? Already?

This morning, during our weekly Monday morning Wal-Mart outing, I found myself staring down the aisle at Christmas trees, wondering why in the world there are Christmas decorations out in September. Then I remembered it's not September, but is, in fact, the middle of October.
How could I forget that it's October, you ask? Maybe it's because Fall didn't bother to show up until late last week. Or maybe it's because our weeks have been so cram-packed of fun, busy activities that I've just lost track of time.
I've been meaning to blog about most of these events, but the thought of that is overwhelming. So, here! Have some pictures!
Mimi and Grandad came for a visit....
Claire has her weekly ballet/tap class...
Arden has become obsessed with Lucky Ducks. This is very unfortunate. Also, yes, Claire has a life jacket on.
We managed to get a little sister TV time in.
We went to the Pumpkin Patch with our friends Amber, Isaac and Jude.

We picked out our Halloween costumes (pirates, which is infinitely better than her first choice, which was Spiderman).
We got boots to go along with our Pirate costume. And wore them--with shorts-- to the family dinner.
We've been playing outside a lot, where Arden continues her love affair with the bucket of sidewalk chalk.

Claire had her last soccer game.

We're having so much fun that I wish I could slow down the clock. I'm not ready for Christmas trees yet. I need more time with my pumpkins and candy corn.


Debbie B. said...

Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures! A cup of coffee in the morning and the latest on Claire & Arden just make my day!
P.S. Claire, I love your pirate costume. Arrrrr matey! What is Arden going to be?

Cortney said...

I love the life jacket picture and of course, Arden with her bucket of chalk. That cracks me up!