Thursday, July 5, 2007

As If I Could've Stopped It

With the world's biggest Wiggles fan in our house, this really was inevitable. In the end, the pull of those four singing men in their primary colors, that zany pirate and, of course, the dancing dinosaur proved too much for Arden to resist. She has been sucked into the Wiggles World.


Cortney said...

"Fruit salad, yummy yummy." I guess there are worse things in the world to be other than a Wiggles fan.

bairds said...

Meredith-it was so great to see you guys at Krista's on Wednesday. You and your girls are gorgeous as always!
You had me laughing so hard at the write up on Arden and the Hand Foot Mouth disease. I can so relate to where she might have picked up. Ryan was pulling trash out of the trash can at the doc's office today. What can you do?!?