Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kid's Say the Darndest Things--Post Partum Edition

Arden, upon seeing Claire getting to hold the brand-new baby sister first: Hhhhheeeeyyyy! I want to hold that!

Claire: Mommy, did you get some stitches after they took the baby out?
Me, hesitating: Yeeeeesssss....
Claire: In your belly button?
Me: Is that what you think?
Claire: Yeah.
Me: OK
Claire: Then did they have to push your belly button back down when they were done?
Me: Ummmmm....That's pretty close to how it happened.

Claire, looking at my tummy: I thought they took the baby out.
Me, surprised: They did. She's right there.
Claire, poking my tummy: Then what's this?

My nephew, Connor, looking at my tummy: Is your baby still in there?
Me: No. Your daddy is holding her.
Connor, poking my tummy: What's this?
Me: Well, unfortunately it just takes a little while for big baby tummies to go back to normal.
Connor, looking skeptical: So you don't have another one in there?

Claire, getting too up close and personal while I was nursing Amelia: What's she doing?
Me: She's eating.
Claire: No, she's not. She doesn't have teeth.
Me: Well, she's having milk.
Claire: From where?
Me: From me.
Claire: Yeah, but where does it comes from?
Me: From Mommy. She gets her milk from me.
Claire: I know. But where does it come from?
Me, sighing: Claire, it just comes from Mommy's body. When you're a Mommy, you'll have milk in your body too.
Claire, impatiently: I know it's from your body but WHERE is it coming from?!
Me: From my boobies, OK? She gets it from my boobies.
Claire, smiling triumphantly: I knew it!


Tara said...

That cracks me up! I hope everything is going well for you all and we can't wait to meet Amelia.

Michael Ann said...

okay, I am laughing out loud!!! You are hilarious! Congratulations by the way!!!! I have been meaning to comment and tell you and we love her name. I want to bring you guys a meal, so I will be calling you. Love and congrats to you and Jason and the girls!!

CityStreams said...

Hee hee! "I knew it!" Too funny.