Friday, January 23, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

If you are a new mom, operating on a total of about four hours of sleep a night, you might be tempted to buy yourself five minutes of peace and quiet by giving your 2 1/2year old a pair of safety scissors, a stick of glue and a stack of construction paper. You will tell her to "go to town" and watch as she cuts and glue to her heart's content. You might see this as an opportunity to take a potty break and leave her unsupervised for about ten seconds.

You will regret this.

It will take you a few minutes to realize that you are looking at a pile of hair. Real hair. Not Barbie hair or My Little Pony hair. Arden's hair. You will begin to exclaim, "OH, Arden!" as you try to process what's just happened. The 2 1/2 year old will think she looks very beautiful and will tell you over and over, "I so pitty," as you frantically search her head for the origin of all that hair. You will find it directly on top of her head, about half an inch from her scalp.

You will eventually realize there is nothing you can do about the bald spot on her head so you will take a picture and put it on your blog. Then you will hide all the safety scissors in the house--and the glue, just in case she decides to get creative with all that hair.


Cortney said...

OH NO, MER! Did this happen right after we talked??? If it makes you feel any better, she looks as "pitty" as always to me!

Summer said...

then after you put it on your blog all your friends will run and hide their scissors and secretly thank God that is wasn't one of their kids....this time.

Amber said...

Mer, you're fabulous on my blog today.

Miss you.

Michael Ann said...

never a dull moment, right??

I'm sorry that happened, but thanks for the laughs as always!!

bairds said...

At least she didn't cut the neighbor's finger while she was playing at your house...thank you Ryan. And today while I was in the bathtub (with the door wide open, Ben in the pack and play and Kate and Ryan in the room with me, Ryan took it upon himself to pop popcorn in the microwave. He left for two seconds, and came back in the bathroom saying "the popcorn's hot."

Debbie B. said...

I was telling friends at dinner about this story. Ron brought it up on his Blackberry and read it out loud. We all laughed until we cried! You tell the story so well, and to be honest, it's a story all of us have lived. If you have kids, they have cut their own hair. Hope you get more sleep soon! Love you all.