Friday, May 2, 2008

She May Never Be a Music Critic

Yesterday, as the girls and I were running some errands, Miley Cyrus's new song came on the radio (SIDENOTE: I sort of love this song, which I realize is weird because it's totally teeny-bopper music and kind of vapid, plus we're supposed to hate Miley now after her strange pseudo-topless/backless photo shoot and what kind of parent lets their minor daughter pose like that, etc...I still find it infectious). Where was I? Right, the song. So Claire recognizes it instantly and gets all excited because it's Miley Cyrus! On our radio! How did the radio know that we love Miley/Hannah Montana/I'm so confused which one is she??

After the song was over (Don't sing, Mom! I want to sing...she's just being Miley...), Claire said, "Mom. That was Miley Cyrus. She's a very good singer."

"Hmmm," I agreed.

"She's a really good singer, just like Elvis but he died. And John Lemon--he died too. But I like Elvis and John Lemon but I like Miley the most. She's the best one."

I'm guessing this will be the first and only time that Miley Cyrus is compared to either Elvis Presley or John Lennon and comes out the winner.


Lisa said...

Color me impressed that she even knows that Elvis and John Lemon (that cracks me up) are singers! You really are quite the educational mom! guys were talked about this weekend. We went camping with the Ellisons and can't WAIT for you guys to get a PUP so you can join us. We had a blast and you guys would have loved it. And Rachel needs Arden there to eat sticks and dirt with her because Kara wasn't too interested in that sort of thing.

The Browns said...

You don't know me. I found your blog in a kind of "seven degrees of Kevin Bacon" way. I know the Cates that know the Hains which know you. Anyway, I may know why you like the song. I am assuming (forgive me) that you are close to my husband's and my age and he loves the song. Don't tell him I told you that. I find it catchy but can say that I like it. After much debate over why we like it we figured out that the beat is from "I wear my sunglasses at night" at least that is what it reminds us of. I tell you this so maybe it can ease the guilt that you may share when listening to this song. Thank you for your time. God bless you and your family...Autumn Brown

Meredith said...

I think you may be onto something there. This helps lessen the embarrassment I have in admitting that I like a Miley Cyrus song. Now I need an excuse to explain why I have so much Justin Timberlake on my ipod.