Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Due to technical difficulties (I broke my camera), I'm a day late on the Halloween picture blitz. Better late than never, right?

Annual bonfire at Grandma's church. Our third family picture ever.
Pirate #1.

Pirate #2. And Pirate #1. Because it's impossible to photograph Pirate #2 without Pirate #1 jumping in the picture. Also, Pirate #2 tries to run away a lot, so Pirate #1 is helpful in keeping her in place...
Claire and Isaac. We were the cutest band of pirates roaming the neighborhood ever!
The littlest pirate made up for her size by her speed. Once she figured out how this whole trick or treat thing worked, she was all over it.

Home at last, to examine our treasure!


Cortney said...

You've got a couple of adorable pirates. I love the family picture; we know just how rare those are! I'm glad you guys are all feeling better!! Love ya!

Kristi said...

Hey... they looked adorable. I can't believe how much Arden is growing here lately. Well...consider yourself tagged. Go read my blog! (Sorry!)

Debbie B. said...

Thank you for your web postings. It's a joy to see the girls in full Halloween regalia. Wish I lived closer. Hug Claire and Arden for me. Tell them Aunt Debbie thought they were very cool pirates!