Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Weekend In Review

This weekend was Jason's 31st birthday. On Friday, Claire and I made a strawberry cake (Claire cracked all three eggs by herself and Mommy fished the shells out with a fork) and wrapped Daddy's presents. Even though his birthday wasn't until Saturday, Claire couldn't wait for Jason to open his gift, so we cheated and let him open it a day early. Plus, since Claire told him what it was as soon as he walked in the door from work, waiting seemed kind of silly.

Look out, Ace of Cakes, my cake making skills will give you a run for your money.
On Saturday, we celebrated the big day by going to see the Razorbacks get beat by Kentucky. Don't think that Jason didn't take the loss personally, because he did. At least we had our BFFs in town to help soften the blow of the defeat.

Sunday, we went to Jason's mom's after Church to have a birthday lunch in Jason's honor (we like to draw our birthday celebrations out as long as humanly possible). No pictures from that, but trust me, Claire had a big time hanging with Jason's teenage cousins and Arden ran around like a wild child, scavenging food from whoever was nearby.

Monday, we went to the park with Claire's good buddy, Ian. They rode their bikes on the trail, played on the playground and had a picnic lunch (well, if you consider "lunch" a cheese stick and a juice box, because that's about all either one of them ate).
After naptime yesterday, Claire decided to dress-up as a rock star and put on a little show for us. If I can figure out how to upload (download?) the video of it, I'll try to put in on here later today. In the meantime, here's a picture of my future rock star.


Cortney said...

Just wanted to know who that screaming kid was in the picture with Arden...oh yeah.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday Jason! And Mer - I know you're proud of Claire for her rock star aspirations. I bet that girl can dance!