Monday, September 17, 2007

The Many Faces of 15 Months

The "Say Cheese!" Face.

The "Good Morning! I love my paci!" Face.

The "I'm Totally Going to Run Off This Gazebo" Face.

The "This Park is the Most Fun Place Ever!" Face.

The "Bath Time is My Favorite Time of the Day" Face.

The "I Finally Mastered That Front Step" Face.

The "My Sister is SOOOOO Funny" Face.
Here are a few Arden Facts:
1. Nutrigrain bars are no longer her favorite breakfast. She has moved on to Eggos and pancakes, just like sister.
2. She has mastered stepping down the front step and thinks she's pretty hot stuff now. Once she figured out how to do it, she seriously did it over and over for about twenty minutes.
3. She says no, a lot. And it's not just a simple "No". It comes out more like "Nnnnnn-yo."
4. She loves to dance and can get pretty low. I think she'll be great at the Limbo someday.
5. She loves it when Claire chases her around the room and laughs the entire time.
6. Her favorite time of the day is bathtime and she prefers to stand in the tub rather than sit.
7. She loves my Dad and if he's around, he better be holding her or else he's going to hear about it.
8. She hates to have her diaper changed.
9. She will not sit still long enough to listen to a book, not even "Goodnight, Moon," which takes about 60 seconds to read.
10. She likes to carry around baby dolls.
11. If you leave the pantry door open, she'll sneak inside and you'll find her a few minutes later, carrying around a package of hot dog buns or a container of sprinkles.
12. She loves phones.
13. She still uses her left hand for eating and pointing.
14. She's a big eater and usually eats at least twice as much as Claire.
15. She's as wild as ever, but so much fun!


Cortney said...

This is an awesome list. I think she looks so much like Claire in the gazebo picture, maybe it's the profile. XXOO, Arden girl! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!

Lisa said...

What a sweetheart! I'm laughing out loud at #11. That is awesome. And btw - I LOVE the faucet you have in the girls bathtub. Where did you guys snatch that one up?

bairds said...

Cute Arden! Isn't it sweet how much these babies love their big sisters. Unfortunately, my baby is a boy, so he is often wearing beads and dragging a purse. My little crossdresser.
I tagged you, so go to my blog!

Staci said...

She is such a doll!!!!