Monday, April 23, 2007

So Now I Have a Blog...

...and nothing to say. But since this is the inaugural post on my very own blog, I feel compelled to share something of substance to start us off.
I guess I could write about how I've been tricking Claire into taking her medicine by mixing it into her yogurt every morning, but that seems a little too mundane. Plus, it kind of implicates me in a lie and I'm trying to put my best foot forward here.
I could talk about how Arden bit my shoulder about a hundred times today, and how I'm worried that maybe she's turning into a habitual biter and not just an opportunistic one, but that seems a little too dull as well.
Or maybe I could share some funny anecdotes from our trip to Wal-Mart this morning, only nothing funny really happened there. Unless you count Claire's near-miss with the sparkling grape juice display.
Then there's always the story about Arden stealing another baby's paci in Sunday School yesterday. But that doesn't seem exciting enough for my FIRST! EVER! POST!
Actually, now that I read it back, it doesn't really sound exciting enough for any post.
But the point of this blog is not to excite, it's to help us remember. To remember what we used to do on Mondays when Claire was 3 and Arden was 10 months. To remember what it felt like when Arden gave me slobbery kisses and Claire still said "Hold you me." To remember bare foot nights on the swing set and days when we stayed in our pj's until noon. To remember "Hop on Pop" and Candyland and Polly Pockets and Dora and dress-up and craft time and Arden's paci-smile and Claire's bed head and....Well, you get the idea.
So while I may not always have something of "substance" to say, I'll always have something to say.

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