Monday, April 30, 2007

Arden at 10 Months

Here is what Arden Kate is up to at 10 months....
1. She pulls up on everything--doors, legs, other babies. Whatever is in her line of sight.
2. She is a speed crawler. They call her the all-terrain vehicle in the church nursery because if
something, or someone, is in her way she just crawls right over them.
3. She loves her big sister. No one can crack Arden up like Claire can.
4. She loves to feed herself. Especially Cheerios. The girl loves her some Cheerios.
5. She babbles all the time. I think she calls me Mama, but that hasn't been confirmed by an independent party.
6. She loves her Daddy. Big time.
7. She does not yet have separation anxiety. Now that I've typed that, she'll probably get hysterical in the nursery on Sunday and I'll get paged to come and get her.
8. She has eight teeth and is working on two more. Unfortunately, it looks like she's gonna need some serious orthodontics.
9. She has recently learned to clap and wave bye-bye (or hi, whichever). If you say "Yea!" she'll start clapping wildly and says "Yea!" back.
10. She is still a horrible sleeper. Seriously. What am I doing wrong?!
Side note: She wore the outfit in the picture to Wal-Mart today. Note that there are huge pink flowers on both the shirt and jeans. Do you know what the checker asked me? "How old is your son?" To which I replied, "He's ten months."

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