Friday, January 14, 2011


If your child ever bites into a Cascade Complete dishwasher packet, the following is a list of actions you may want to take:

1. Wipe blue and green gel from child's mouth and tongue.
2. Force child to drink a glass of water.
3. Wipe up all the water that just flooded your kitchen floor because you forgot to put a lid on the cup.
4. Give her more water, this time in a sippy cup.
5. Read the back of package to make sure it is ok to give child water.
6. Assure your other children that their sister's tongue will probably not remain blue and that no you do not need them to call 911. Or daddy. Or Aunt Missy. Or Grandma.
7. Fret for 10 minutes about whether or not to call poison control.
8. Call poison control and get confirmation that the packets are not toxic but may induce vomitting.
9. Awesome.
10. Wonder how much your third child will age you in the next six months.

1 comment:

Cortney said...

oh no! i have just started using the packets. rethinking that now...