Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Saddest Note to the Tooth Fairy Ever Written

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In case you don't read kindergarten phonetic spelling, it says:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I fell off a horse and lost my tooth. We couldn't find it. I am mad. I hope you give me some money and a prize. I am brave.
Love, Claire B.


Summer said...

That's awesome. Wow, I didn't know tooth fairies were giving out money and prizes.

denise said...

Poor Claire! I'm glad she had the courage to go ahead and believe that the Tooth Fairy had provisional rules set aside for truly lost teeth. Did she get back on the horse? Because you know what they say about getting back on and everything.

Meredith said...

Summer--unfortuanately the tooth fairy only gives cash at our house, no prizes. But apparently there is a premium for teeth lost in a traumatic accident because she left Claire $10.

Denise--I'm pretty sure Claire will not be getting back in the saddle for quite some time. She landed face first on a dirt road and looks pretty awful. Skin is scraped raw, nose still swollen and her lips look like Goldie Hawn in that movie where she gets collegen injections.

Lisa said...

Poor baby - that is TOTALLY worth $10. I'm sure there's a really good story behind it. And I'm cracking up that you said she looks like Goldie Hawn...nice.

denise said...

I got $10 when the dentist pulled 4 or 5 teeth out at a time because my mouth was too small for all my incoming permanent teeth. I guess inflation has hit the tooth fairy too.