Thursday, December 31, 2009

So This Is Christmas

I started to do a big Christmas recap the other day, then got sidetracked when I saw Stanford Blatch from SATC on Disney's Imagination Movers. For some reason, I felt compelled to write a post about how bizarre that seemed to me, but when I got to the end of it, I realized I really had no point other than: it was bizarre to see Stanford Blatch on Imagination Movers.

So. I scratched that one and will now commence with the Christms Story of '09 (in pictures, because I have a sore throat and cough and am not feeling the Christmas spirit so much now).

Christmas Eve at Nana and Grandad's House

Christmas Eve--Getting Ready for Santa
Jason put out reindeer food in the freezing rain. The next morning, Claire really really REALLY wanted to see if the food was gone but it was unfortunately covered in four inches of snow (lucky for us because who would've thought to actually remove the reindeer food?).

Cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. Claire realized the next day that we neglected to leave milk for Santa. You have no idea how much this troubled her, but I assured that other kids with more thoughtful moms left him some.

Claire's letter to Santa.

The tree with a few presents under it (not all ours--also Grandma's and Ashley's loot too).

Coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. Claire later admitted that she came down in the middle of the night "just to make sure Santa came".

Hello, Elmo. I think I love you.

Arden with her Barbie dress. The only thing she asked for this year.

Claire with her Just Like Me American Girl doll (who would look a lot more like Claire if she were from Latin America).

Sweet Samuel Cade. My girls couldn't keep their hands off of him.

The cousins.

A white Christmas meant that as soon as the presents were open, these crazy girls were ready to head outside. In their pajama pants. They only lasted about 30 seconds before they came back in and put on some warmer gear.

This girl was smart--she stayed inside where it was warm.


Michael Ann said...

looks like a great time! Okay, who is Stanford Blanch??? Am I an idiot (wait...don't answer that!) - Imagination Movers is a constant around here it seems like, Callahan is obsessed!

Cortney said...

Sweet memories!!! Claire's doll is CUTE!!!!