Sunday, August 23, 2009

Claire goes to Kindergarten

Interview with a Kindergartner....

Did you have a good day?
It was gooooood times.

What was your favorite part?
Well, the most funnest part was lunch and recess. But you didn't let me eat in the cafeteria today.

You didn't eat in the cafeteria? Where did you eat?
I ate IN the cafeteria but I didn't get a tray. I want to get a tray tomorrow.

You actually want to eat school food?
Yes. I want to get a tray.

Well, tomorrow's lunch is hamburgers. You hate hamburgers. You throw an enormous fit every time your dad grills hamburgers and demanded a hot dog instead. Last time I didn't have any hot dogs and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Well. Now I like hamburgers. And I want to get a tray.

Ooookaaaay...Besides lunch, what else did you like?
I liked recess. But it was only, like, five minutes.

I think it's a little longer than five minutes--
You also didn't let me ride the bus.

Trust me, Claire. You don't want to ride the bus.
Yes, I do. The big kids ride the bus and I'm not a little kid.

So you're saying you wish I hadn't made your lunch or picked you up from school?

Awesome....What did you learn about today?
Ohhhh stuff like how not to spread germs and have good manners. We didn't learn to read yet.

I'm sure you'll get to that soon. Did you meet some new friends?
Yeah! There's this boy Oliver from the purple room last year he's in my class but he likes to be called Ollie just like I like to be called Claire Bear.

Did you tell your friends to call you Claire Bear?
Noooo....that's my FAMILY nickname, Mom.

Got it. Sounds like you had a good day. Are you excited about tomorrow?
I have to go back tomorrow?

Yes, sweet girl. Tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day....So many days that will fly by until the next thing I know, I'm taking your picture walking into your first day of college instead of kindergarten.
What are you talking about?


denise said...

This blog is so wrong! She is not old enough to be doing this. What happened? Have you every read the Junie B. Jones series? It's like a page from your life.

Lisa said...

Oh - she looks so big! And it sounds like she had a great first day. :) Hard to believe we'll be doing this next year.

Cortney said...

What a big girl! How did this happen???? I'm loving that cute backpack/lunchbox combo!

I hope Claire has a great second week...I'm just certain she will learn something other than good hygiene/manners this week!

Amber said...

Yeah, this pretty much kills me. Miss y'all.

Michael Ann said...

Love that interview - she is all about school and being grown up it sounds like! I hope she loves're right about the bus though - the bus is evil! : )

Matt and Rachel said...

I'm so glad her first day was great! The germs/manners thing must be everywhere because that's what Madeleine said they learned too.