Friday, March 14, 2008

The Flu, Part Deux

So, apparently Influenza didn't get the memo that flu season should be over by now.

I just got back from taking Arden to the doctor for a fever and slightly runny nose. The doctor took one look at her and said he was going to test her for flu. I thought he must be mistaken.
"Don't you mean ear infection?" I said. "Or maybe strep throat? How about hand foot and mouth? Maybe she has that again! Yes, I definitely think that's it! We played at the play area at the Mall on Wednesday and you know that place is a breeding ground for--"

The doctor came back in the room. "Positive," he said. "It turned positive almost instantly."

I almost felt proud, because, you know that's pretty impressive. But then I remembered we were talking about the flu.

How much longer until Summer?

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The Clarks said...

I was scrolling through Amber's blogroll and came across yours, it was good meeting you the other night. I'm sorry that Arden is sick!